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so i got this from the lovely :iconw0lf--61: and i just had to do this!!!!

~What is your favorite Pokemon?
:iconrayquaza-plz: MY FRIGGIN BABY!!!! ON EVERY GAME I HAVE A BB LIKE THIS IN LEVEL 100!!!! (i don't cheat i just play emerald allot and then migrate them and train them :3)

~Least favorite Pokemon?
:icongrimerplz: what is this stupid pile of purple mud i'm like: seriously O.o

~Favorite Legendary?
seeing the top of this journal you can already guess
but i like :icongiratinaplz: also allot!

~Favorite Pokemon type?
DRAGON!!!!!!! (i know they're overraded but i don't care i friggin love em!!!) :icondragonloveplz:

~Least favorite type?
normal. i think they're just too simple and i don't really like allot of those pokemon

~Favorite starter?

~Favorite eeveelution?

~Favorite water type?
:iconkingdraplz: :icongyaradosplz:

:icongarchompplz: and also :iconflygonplz:  (if you think i'm just naming every pokemon that fits that type i'm not but i'll love allot of dragons)

:iconzekromplz: but i also love :iconluxrayplz:

I LOVE (almost) ALL DRAGONS!!!! :icondratini-plz: :icondragonairplz: :icondragoniteplz: :iconkingdraplz: :iconflygonplz: :iconbagonplz: :iconsalamenceplz: :iconlatiasplz: :iconlatiosplz: :iconrayquazaplz: :icongibleplz: :icongabiteplz: :icongarchompplz: :iconpalkiaplz: :icondialgaplz: :icongiratinaplz: :iconaxewplz: :iconfraxureplz: :iconhaxorusplz: :icondeinoplz: :iconzweilousplz: :iconhydreigonplz: :iconreshiramplz: :iconzekromplz: :iconkyuremplz: :iconblackkyuremplz: :iconwhitekyuremplz:
(you might notice that there are a few missing like vibrava shelgon and altaria (no dragon!) but i just don't like those...)

:iconmetagrossplz: :iconscizorplz: :iconbisharpplz:

well ummmmmm i think it will be  :icondittoplz:

:iconlugia-plz: :icongardevoirplz: :iconespeon-plz: (why doesn't galade have and icon) and you already know :iconlatiasplz: :iconlatiosplz:

:iconcharizardplz: :iconcrobatplz: :iconarcheopsplz: and of course :iconrayquaza-plz: :icongyaradosplz: and :iconlugia-plz: belong here

:iconfroslassplz: (also cloyster doesn't have an icon...) :iconglaceonplz: and all the kyurems :3

(oh yea i also love bisharp darkrai and tyranitar)

:iconninetails-plz: :iconchandelureplz: and also :iconreshiramplz: and :iconcharizardplz:

:icongiratinaplz: BB I LOVE YOU! and also :icongengarplz: :icongolurkplz: :iconfrosslassplz: :iconchandelureplz:

:icontoxicroak-plz: :iconnidokingplz: :icongengarplz: :iconcrobatplz:

:icontoxicroak-plz: galade :iconscrafty-plz:

:icontyranitarplz: :iconarcheopsplz: :iconkabutopsplz: :iconaggron-plz: :icongigalithplz: :iconarmaldoplz:

:iconscizorplz: :iconsurskitplz: :iconarmaldoplz: :iconescavalierplz:

:icontreeckoplz: :icongrovyleplz: :iconsceptileplz:    

~Favorite Pokemon from 1st Generation?
:iconninetails-plz: :iconcharizardplz: :icondratini-plz: :icondragonairplz: :icondragoniteplz:

~2nd generation?
:iconkingdraplz: :iconlugia-plz: :icontyranitarplz:

~3rd generation?
:iconrayquaza-plz: RAY-RAY ALL THE WAY!!!!
(i sometimes call my rayquaza ray-ray it isn't it's nickname but i still do it allot)

~4th generation?
:icongiratinaplz: HELL YEAH!!! :icongarchompplz:

~5th generation?
:iconreshiramplz: :iconzekromplz: :iconhaxorusplz: :iconzoroarkplz:

~Most overrated Pokemon?
duh... pikachu T.T

~Most underrated Pokemon?
i really don't know...

~Mew or Mewtwo?
MEW :3

~Favorite of the legendary trio from Kanto?

~Favorite of the legendary dogs?
:iconraikouplz: but i don't really like them

~Kyogre, Rayquaza or Groudon?
guess :iconhurrplz:

~Lugia or Ho-Oh?

~Latios or Latias?
:iconlatiasplz: it's cute!

~Zekrom or Reshiram or Kyurem?
:iconzekromplz: and :iconreshiramplz: I CAN'T CHOOSE!!!

~Cutest Pokemon?

~Ugliest Pokemon?
:iconpuruglyplz: name says it :3

~Most Annoying Pokemon?
:iconzubatplz: everybody knows the zubat problem

~Favorite Kanto starter?

~Favorite Johto starter?

~Favorite Hoenn starter?

~Favorite Sinnoh starter?
i don't really like the sinnoh starters but if i had to pick :iconturtwigplz:

~Favorite Unova starter?

~Favorite Game?
Black and White! N!!!!!!!!!!!!! and just the story plot is amazing! and i like allot of pokemon from this gen! also this is the first time i liked the design of the girl player character the others were so girly in my oppinion. also i loved the battle subway the victory road and how easy you could battle with your friends through C-gear.

~Least Favorite game?
i think Pearl just yeah everything went so slow and there were not so much cool new features. i also HATED the surving speed!

~Favorite attack/move?
OUTRAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!! just a whopping 120 power two or tree times in a row (you get confused after it but i don't care)
also i love fusion flare and fusion bolt :3

~Favorite Pokemon spin-off?
Pokemon mystery dungeon explowers of darkness. first time i cried in a pokemon game when you was going to leave your partner...

~Do you watch the Pokemon anime/any of the movies?
i watched the anime allot more when i was younger now i think i'm to old for it. but i still love all the movies and watched every single one of them (i think i like them more because movies have more action and have ledgendarys :3)

~If so, what movie is your favorite?
i really loved the first movie but i also love pokemon heroes and desiny deoxys

~If you were a Pokemon, who would you be?
RAYQUAZA!!!! flying like an awesome hug badass strong dragon!!!!!

~If any 3 Pokemon could be real, which ones would you choose?
RAYQUAZA, haxorus and zoroark :3

~Have you ever raised a level 100? If so, what Pokemon was it?
all my rayquaza's are level 100 also i have an palkia dialga giratina arceus deoxys entai kyogre groudon lugia reshiram haxorus tyranitar hydreigon and kyurem

~Adding another What would you're occupation be, if you lived in the world of Pokemon? Pokemon Master, Breeder, Nurse...?
DRAGON GYM LEADER!!!! :icondatclairplz:

~Have you ever caught a shiny Pokemon? If so, what Pokemon was it?
:iconoddishplz:, pidgey that i named shine which is now a pidgeot and a :iconferroseedplz: (and of course shiny gyarados)

~What is your battle strategy?
massive attack or special attack and allot of speed! just trying to kill pokemon in one hit before the other one can.

~What kind of eeveelution would you like to see next?

~What Pokemon do you think should have an evolution?
i really do not know most of my fav pokemon are ledgendary of have 3 stadiums already

~If you could create a Pokemon game, what would it be like?
a game where you can let your pokemon walk after you again! and for some reason i would like to make a sky city that you can only reach with fly! and i would make allot of dragon pokemon and awesome starters that will all end with having the dragon type! (grassdragon waterdragon firedragon) and i will call it pokemon dragon destiny! :3

~If you were a gym leader in one of the games, what would be your specialty?
DRAGON!!! :icondatclairplz:

~What is an item that you must have in your bag at all times?
pokeballs :3 (duh)

~What do you think of Unova? (Do you hate it or do you love it?)
i friggin love Unova!!!!! the design is amazing and i love the city's! i only kinda hate the map i liked the old maps better...

~Proudest Pokemon moment?
there were so many proud moments! like catching the ledgendary's that support the game (rayquaza emerald, palkia pearl, giratina platinum, and reshiram black and zekrom and kyurem black2) also defeating the league for the first time and the moment when i defeated N and Ghetsis in my first try! (my brother took 3 try's beating N and then found out he had to beat Ghetsis too so it took 8 times!)

~How did you get into Pokemon?
well when my brother and i bought our gameboy andvance SP we wanted a game too and we just choose emerald :3 so emerald was also my first game. i watched pokemon on TV before but really was not that a fan after our first game

~Why do you love Pokemon?
WHY NOT!!!! it was(and is) my childhood! it's an amazing game with awesome designs and the anime and the fanart! i just love all! and just having the feeling that your pokemon really love you i sometimes whisper sorry to my DS because my precious pokemon died... also just the battles you can have with other persons! it's just great to battle with other people!!! pokemon is just LOVE!

~Who is in your dream team?
:iconrayquaza-plz: :iconzekromplz: :iconreshiramplz: :icongiratinaplz: :icongarchompplz: :iconhaxorusplz:
(and i will make myself resistance against ice types :3 most of these can learn fire type moves and reshiram is even fire type gheghe))

~Have you ever caught Missingno, or gone to Glitch City?
i never played first gen because i wasn't even born when they released the first games!

~Have you cheated?
well i just buy my games so i can't cheat (i have downloaded soulsilver but i don't cheat there...) but i let other people cheat for us and then trade pokemon so someone traded us a arceus and on holiday we met a boy with pokemon who had 5 deoxys but all or other pokemon are legal :3

~What is your favorite pokemon theory or rumor?
i have always loved the theory's around lavender town know it's a sad theory but still my favorite: that when you meet gary in lavender town in the pokemon tower and he asks you why you are there (because people come there to pay respect to death pokemon and when you battle him you notice that he doesn't have his raticate anymore and that you was the person who killed it on the SS ann because he couldn't find a pokemon center on the ship...

wow this was a long meme!!!!!!!!!!
but worth doing it and also fun!

anyway my fingers hurt from typing so i'm gonna watch anime :3


PinkC0bra's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I'm a crazy girl who:
:pokeball: loves pokemon forever
:pokeball: is desperatly in love with N harmonia :iconpervynplz:
:pokeball: is a hardcore ferriswheelshipper
:pokeball: created a deviantart account because she wanted to read a ferriswheelshipping lemon... :iconpervynplz:
:pokeball: loves dragon pokemon
:pokeball: doesn't know why charizard gyarados and lugia aren't dragon pokemon
:pokeball: loves to read fanfic and to watch pokemon art but also draws and writes by herself
:pokeball: has the same name as one of the elite four from pokemon B/W which is a pussy because in pokemon platinum i had to fight her stupid butler...
:pokeball: doesn't know why you are still reading this
:pokeball: loves marshmallows!!!
:pokeball: has the same eye collour as N harmonia (blue gray) :iconpervynplz:
:pokeball: doesn't know any other music than Vocaloid since she discovered it a year ago... :iconmikula-plz:
:pokeball: first pokemon game she played was emerald
:pokeball: favorite pokemon's : 1# rayquaza 2# giratina 3# reshiram (as you can see i love dragon pokemon) 4# zoroark (because of my fanfic) 5# haxorus 6# garchomp 7# zekrom 8# hydreigon 9# lugia 10# salamence
:pokeball: thinks she is boring you with this derps...
:pokeball: will still continue this derps...
:pokeball: has awesome friends (irl) :iconj0danc3r: :iconliekecookie: and :iconwinxclubroxy:
and :iconsomebodywithnoskills: who is a internet friend of mine n.n
and also :iconw0lf--61: is awesome!!! :love:
:pokeball: is addicted to :iconw0lf--61: 's fanfics WHICH YOU SHOULD READ!!!
:pokeball: wrote a ferriswheelshipping fanfic…
:pokeball: thinks that N is a badass child :P :icondealwithitnplz:
:pokeball: wants a snake as a pet but isn't allowed by her parants
:pokeball: doesn't allow normal speed. when something happens it has to happen really fast of (when lazy) terribly slow.
:pokeball: will one day kill GAYCHEESE (GHETSIS or DENNIS)
:pokeball: will laugh about this her whole life (so this is what he does all day...) :iconcreepernplz:

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